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MediaWiki namespace protection level[editar]

Hi Avengium,

I noticed that on 17 October 2020, you modified the namespace protection level for the MediaWiki: interface namespace from the standard editinterface protection level, which is restricted to only administrators and interface administrators, to editprotected, which is limited only to administrators. I was wanting to making a minor correction to the Navigation Popups gadget I installed for you on this wiki, so it works with the new MediaWiki version 1.35; however, I cannot do that.

My preference would be to see you revert this change by changing the protection level back to editinterface, allowing interface administrators to edit in this namespace. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could optionally add the sysop flag to my account; however, I really don't need the sysop flag on this wiki, as I'm only active here to install or fix gadgets.

Dmehus (discusión) 00:49 11 nov 2020 (UTC)

Hi Avengium, okay, it's fixed now. I do recommend leaving MediaWiki: namespace as editinterface protected because, otherwise, that really defeats the purpose of having the interface administrators local user group. One cannot edit in that namespace unless they are (a) a sysop or (b) an interface-admin. If you need to edit sitewide CSS and JavaScript files, you can just add those user rights to the sysop group. Dmehus (discusión) 23:08 11 nov 2020 (UTC)