Ayuda:Generar imágenes con Artbreeder Collage/English

De Bestiario del Hypogripho

Este artículo tiene contenido abordado desde la perspectiva de la "vida real".     Este artículo se compone de contenidos transcritos o recopilados por Jakeukalane.  Este artículo carece de imágenes ilustrativas. Puedes ayudarlo consiguiendo una (o más) imágen/es apropiada/s e incorporándola/s.  Este artículo carece de bibliografía real que sustente su contenido; se beneficiaría de su adición.  Este artículo es de dificultad intraficcional negligible o nula (0). Debería ser apto para todo público. 

Collage de Artbreeder is a web service, similar to Prosepainter that uses latent-diffusion (and CLIP and BERT) for rendering text / images into images.

How it works

You can start from an empty scene or from a predefined image/drawing. The elements included inside the Render box, either drawings, loaded images through the search or from your computer will affect to the generation of the image.


There are four zones in the app: the Toolbar, the Canvas (or working space), the Render box and the Visor thumbnail. You'll have to have in mind almost all of them to manage the app.


The Toolbar let us choose between four tools to interact with the image: Select Parts (v), Draw Shapes (d), Cut Puppet (c) and Add Images and Shapes (a).

Select Parts

Select Parts can be selected from the keyboard by pressing the key v.

This tool allows you to select the "elements" (called "puppets" by the software) and move them freely through the Workspace and adjust them to the are of the Render box. Also it allow you to rotate, mirror or resizing the elements.


In order to rotate a image you have to move the mouse to the upper circle, click and then move the mouse.


In order to mirror a image you have to pull from the circle at the right or left of the image. Pressing and moving the mouse will compress the image until it changes direction.


To change the size of an image you have to press and move the mouse from any of the corners of the image.

Draw Shapes

The Drawing Shapes tool allows you to create shapes, drawings, and coloring. Like all elements that incorporate drawn or pre-designed elements, the drawing tool allows you to select the color, transparency and texture. It has a built-in color picker tool, which allows you to select the color from the Workspace.

You can select it by pressing a.